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Expand Your Reach in the Workplace

Progressing your career in the workplace relies on your hard work and initiative, but also relies on other people seeing the opportunity in us and for us. Consider this: the more people you know, the more doors will open for you.  You want to work for an organisation, a team, a project?  That organisation is made up of individuals, and these people have the potential to be helpful partners in your progress.

So where do you find work related connections and which connections are the right ones?


With so many opportunities to build relationships both in person and online, it is important to make your time count. 


Learn how to put together a great networking strategy and get tips on executing this strategy.

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Expand Your Reach
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The Coaching Approach


Improve Your Performance

As a leader in your field you have worked hard to establish a good reputation with colleagues, managers and customers.  You want to get to the next level of performance.  However, you may be avoiding opportunities for growth and development because you are unsure. What is the best way to move forward?

Reach out to your potential! Learn techniques for getting clarity on the way forward and finding solutions to your challenges.  We also explore how remaining resilient and having a growth mindset are critical to success.

Improve Your Performance

Lead Doer's: Empower Your Team

The goal of any leader in business is to lead a great team.  How do you achieve this?  What is a great team anyway?


A great team is a group of individuals who have a shared purpose, where team members feel empowered to progress, and they endeavour to support each other.  A good leader will firstly model these characteristics for the team. 


Learn about the key tenets of providing a great space for a team: Diversity, Equality, Inclusiveness and Belonging. 


In today’s ambiguous workplace environment, a team needs to have as much capability as possible to be able to pivot and transform.  Learn why these factors are important to a team’s success and how you can develop these qualities in your leadership.

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Lead Doer's

Improve Your Workplace Culture

A positive and growth-oriented workplace culture is a great basis for innovative thinking, providing a safe and supportive environment.  How do you know that there is an issue in your workplace? 


Look for the warning signs of a workplace culture breaking down:

  1. Leaders aren’t intentional about building a value-centric culture so they’re unintentionally enabling toxic behaviours to breed

  2. Workers doing whatever it takes to win over the leadership team so that they are welcomed into the clique and gain job security

  3. Management abuse of their power to cultivate a fear-based culture using threats, ultimatums and intimidation

  4. Communication is lacking or unclear and gossip is rampant, showing a clear sign that trust has been broken between people

  5. Top performers and new hires start leaving, it’s an obvious sign they’re not aligned with the culture


As a leader you can influence the workplace culture within your team.  Learn techniques to open channels of communication for your team. Understand ways to raise concerns with senior managers.  Be a model for a positive growth mindset for your team.

Improve Workplace Culture
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